• With Faith and Hope in God!
  • With YOUR Help and Support!
  • With Amazing Volunteers!
  • With Unplugged Outdoor Adventures!
  • With Tons of Affordable Snacks!
  • With Activities Such as Pool, Ping Pong, Foosball, Board Games, Music, and Art!
  • Without Wi-Fi, Video Games, or Other Distractive Activities! 

The YAK is a 501c3 nonprofit funded by community donations. 
Your monthly support or tax deductible gift of any amount is greatly appreciated!


The Place for Youth

For the Glory of God and the good of all people, it is the desire of the YAK to see a reversal in the trends of broken families in our community and to see the youth of our state experience a joyful, peaceful, meaningful, hope-filled life! 

​The YAK is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the youth and families in our community by providing a welcoming, safe, and fun place for ALL youth to enjoy after school each day. 


Not comfortable donating online? 
You can always send a check to:
173 S Valley Way #2
Palmer, AK 99645

How Do We Do It?

   Like never before, the road to adulthood is littered with destructive pitfalls. Pits like drugs, alcohol, pornography, sexual experimentation, depression, violence, self-harm, bullying, eating disorders, and more. These pits are hurting our youth and leaving scars that can last a lifetime. On the journey from dependent youth to independent adult, The YAK serves as a crossroads, encouraging teens to choose a healthy pathway to maturity.

Through a welcoming and constructive environment, the youth will experience:
-Caring adults to support them during these formative years
-Constructive social interactions
-Wholesome fun and engaging activities
-A safe place and a safer community

Why Do We Do It?

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